Clip-Ins vs Tape-Ins

Looking for an easy way to add volume and length to your hair? Debating between clip-ins and tape-ins? Hopefully this post will help you decide which is right for you! Both are available on our site in a variety of colors, all made with our amazing Virgin Brazilian hair.

Clip-ins: Clip-ins are made with wig clips which are sewn onto the base of the weft. This is what allows you to clip them into your hair without the use of glues, adhesives, bonding agents or heat. Each hair weft clip is snapped into place after the hair is sectioned. This method of application is the least permanent and inflicts the least damage to your hair. These can be done by yourself or by someone else. They can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to install. Some pros of this method is cost efficiency, greater versatility, they are adjustable when applied, quick installation, and can be dyed and bleached. Clip-in Installation usually goes as follows: parting your hair to achieve the desired style, taking the longer clip-ins and install from back to front, clipping the hair in between two pieces of your natural hair, combing/brushing to make sure wefts are not visible.


Tape-ins: Tape-in extensions come with strips of polyurethane tape that’s attached to the top of the weft. The strips are panels of clear tape which are a super grade adhesive. The tape can either be double sided or single sided and is melted into the base of the wefts. Tape-in extensions must be done by a hair professional to ensure proper install and removal. We recommend that they be done by a professional.  The price varies amongst stylists. A tape-in installation can take about an hour or two to install and can typically can last 2-3 weeks. No heat/tools are required for this installation. This method takes less time than traditional sew-ins. Tape-in Installation usually goes as follows: sectioning the hair where the extensions will go, removing the back side of the tape, placing the back side of the tape under a small section of your hair (making sure that it is as close to the scalp as possible), smoothing down hair onto the extension, removing the top seal of the tape, and taking another small piece of taped extension and placing on top of the previous piece.

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