Curls, Wands, and Barrels

Curling-Wand Shape: Curling wands come in various sizes and shapes, but two basic shapes predominate: straight and cone.

Straight Wands: These deliver uniform and consistent results for curls of equal shape and size like rings. Straight wands are also great for women with straighter hair who want to add curvature to the lower part.

Cone-Shaped Wands: Allowing you to create curls of various sizes, cone-shaped wands are more versatile. You can use the smaller end for tighter, more precision curls and the larger end for fuller, larger curls.

Barrel Sizes for Different Effects

Curl size and shape are determined primarily by your wand's barrel size. In addition, the barrel size should be appropriate for your specific hair type and length. Below are the bare basics on barrel size and hair length and curl effects:

  • 3/8 inch – Tendrils
  • ½ to 5/8 inch – Ringlets
  • 1 inch – Springs of coils
  • 11/4 inches – Long, loopy
  • 11/2 inches – Big, round
  • 2 inches – Loose waves

Barrel Material

Barrel material is another important consideration when you're trying to choose the perfect curling wand. Different materials have different properties, and, as a result, you need to make sure the one you choose is the one best suited for your hair type and styling purposes.

Tourmaline – This is a semi-precious gemstone usually crushed and specially bonded to the surface of a ceramic or titanium base. The low-friction properties of tourmaline help eliminate static frizz make it especially suitable for damaged hair.

Ceramic – Ceramic barrels are known for even distribution of heat for uniform curling. The extremely smooth surface also reduces snagging and tangling. But it will get very hot, and some handling care in needed.

Titanium – The most powerful with respect to heat conduction, titanium barrels are great for coarse, super-thick, or unmanageable hair. Titanium construction combines the best of both tourmaline and ceramic for both curling hair faster and protecting it from excessive heat.

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