Frequently Used Hair Terms

Body Wave: The body wave is one of the most popular look because of its versatility. It gives great volume to any hair. It has the look of loose curls set in a bouncy wave which is perfect for adding volume, shine, and life to dull hair.

Clip-ins: Clip-ins are made with wig clips which are sewn onto the base of the weft. This is what allows you to clip them into your hair without the use of glues, adhesives, bonding agents or heat. Each hair weft clip is snapped into place after the hair is sectioned. This method of application is the least permanent and inflicts the least damage to your hair. 

Closure: A small piece of thin lace covered with human hair. This is used to mask the gap left by hair wefts to cover the crown area of the head. This piece can either have a lace or a silk mesh base. The hair used in a closure is individually attached to a lace type material to offer a versatile parting for the user. Closures are typically sewn into place and are placed behind or in front of the natural hairline. Manes by Monae closures are 4 inches in length and 4 inches wide (4”x4”.)

Deep Wave: This hair has a super tight almost ringlet type wave. A deep wave hair style is truly gorgeous but does require a bit more care to maintain its intricate shape. 

Frontal: Frontals can either be sewn or bonded cover the entire hairline. They are placed behind or in front of the natural hairline. Lace frontals allow for endless versatility. Due to the full temple to temple coverage and in combination with the replication of a natural hairline and parting, it offers users a more flexible hair styles to be tried out. Manes by Monae lace frontals are 13” x 4” with 18” of hair.

360 frontal: A 360 frontal gives you maximum hairline coverage. It covers the entire perimeter of your head with space in the center for bundles to be installed. This frontal provides incredible versatility. You can rock a trendy high ponytail, cornrows/braids, and unlimited parting options. A 360 frontal does require some maintenance, but it is worth it in exchange for its versatility. Manes By Monae’s frontals come in 18.” They are not bleached or pre-plucked.

Loose Wave: This is a more relaxed looking wave. Loose waves are an excellent choice if you do not want to have super curly hair. This loose wave style is the type of look that is often called “the beach wave.”

Raw Hair: Hair that has never been chemically processed or had heat applied to it. Donors have never had their hair straightened or curled. It is the purest and most natural hair.

Remi Hair: 100% human hair that undergoes a particular type of processing. This procedure helps to minimize the removal of the hair’s natural cuticle. This process maximizes the number of hair cuticles running in the same direction, which is the way hair naturally grows. Remy hair always comes from the head of one donor.

Tape-ins: Tape-in extensions come with strips of polyurethane tape that’s attached to the top of the weft. The strips are panels of clear tape which are a super grade adhesive. The tape can either be double sided or single sided and is melted into the base of the wefts. Tape-in extensions must be done by a hair professional to ensure proper install and removal.

Virgin: Not touched by chemical treatments or damaged due to manmade products.

Virgin Hair: Hair that is not chemically processed. It has never been permed, dyed or bleached. All the cuticles of the hair face the same direction.

Weft: A process of stitched strands of synthetic or human hair as a means of preparing it to be attached to your head. Hair prepped in this way is used when doing hair sewing/weaving, keratin technique, or used with clips. Best results are from double stitch wefts that reduce the chance of hair shedding.

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