Basic Wig Info

Basic Wig Info 

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Lace Front/Full Lace: Our Wigs are easy to install and style. Depending on your installation preference, this can be sewed or glued on. The pre-plucked frontal will allow you to easily have a natural look. Can be cut, colored, and styled to your desire. Our units are free parted. The lace is not bleached. With proper care out wigs can last from 6 months to a year under normal conditions.

Closure Wigs: Our Wigs are a 4"x4" Closure Construction Wig. Our Closure Wigs have standard laces, which are medium brown in color. The knots aren't bleached. All of our wigs are medium in size, which are all 22.5 inches in circumference with adjustable straps and combs. You will still have to personalize your own wig to make sure it fits as desired. Our hair is made of 100% human hair, with that said minimal shedding will occur.

U-part Wig: The U-Part wig has an open space for your natural hair which does not offer parting space. Our U-Part Wigs are Medium in Size. There is no net attached to the U-Part. The net you are seeing on the photo is the net attached to the mannequin head. The cap is medium in size and the parting space/depth is 4" and width is 2". We suggest co-washing the unit to ensure longevity. With proper care, our U-Part Wig is easy to maintain. They can last from 6 months to a year under normal conditions. With extra special care, it can extend the life of the bundles even up to 2 years!

Head Band Wig: These can be easily installed in just a matter of minutes! The headband wig has an adjustable strap. They are medium sized wigs which are all 22.5 inches in circumference.

Let’s talk density: The higher the density, the fuller the wig is. How thick do you want your hairstyle? The 130% density will give you a natural look while the 150% density will have a fuller appearance. If you want a thick wig, then you can't go wrong with the 180% density

What color is the lace on the lace fronts? The lace on the Body Wave Lace Front wig is not bleached. The wigs are constructed with our standard lace, which is medium brown in color.

Are the wigs parted, pre-plucked or bleach? Our Wigs are free parted, semi pre-plucked and aren’t bleached.

Is there lace on the nape? Yes, our front lace wigs come with lace on the nape area. Our Front Lace Wigs are 13" x 4" measured from ear to ear.

How long do these wigs last? With proper care, our Brazilian body wave hair is easy to maintain. They can last from 6 months to a year under normal conditions. With extra special care, it can extend the life of the bundles even up to 2 years!

Does the wig have double or single knots? The front lace has single knots on the hairline and have double knots throughout the rest of the wig's lace. With that said, it will give a more natural appearance with single knots in the front, while the double knots ensure durability.

Front vs Full lace wig (Versatility and Price): A lace front wig is cheaper due to that fact that it is not as versatile as full lace wig. It does not have lace all the way around, which does not allow a full ponytail. I suggest choosing which lace you prefer according to the look you are trying to achieve.

Wig Cap Size: All of our wig caps are medium in size, but they do come with an adjustable strap and comb for extra security. 

Do our wigs come with combs or bands? All of our wig unites contains attached combs and adjustable straps to help with securing the unit in place, to further enhance security a wig glue or a wig tape may be used.

How many bundles are in the wig? The 130% = 2.5 / 3 bundles, 150% = 3 / 3.5 bundles, and 180%= 3.5 / 4 bundles. Let us know if you have any other questions that we can assist with.

Closure Wig Specs: It is constructed with our standard 4"x4" closure, which is medium brown in color. These are easier to maintain if you don't like the hassle of dealing with lace front wigs. All closure wigs come in 180% density.

Can I apply Heat? Yes, heat can be applied to these wigs for styling.

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